Fitness Fun

We all know how important it is to keep fit, but it’s just as important to have fun while you do it. Teigan is taking fitness fun to the next level by exploring an option on wheels and one on the water. She’s starting at Skate HQ in the Entertainment Quarter to strap on some skates and get a lesson from rollerblading guru Jarrah McCue-Shore. It’s a sport that engages a whole heap of muscles – your back, quads, glutes and thighs. Teigan picks up the basics, including learning how to stop safely and how to swizzle, then graduates to work the witches’ hats with some more seasoned skaters.

Teigan’s next stop is Andrew ‘Boy’ Charlton Pool in the Domain, where she is joining a Floating Fit class on an Aquabase, a firm inflatable PVC board which is stable enough for a whole heap of pretty demanding exercises. From pushups and plank, to burpees and even headstands, the half-hour class works the whole body, with a bit of cardio thrown in. Then there’s the Rocking Challenge, can Teigan survive the waves her neighbours create without falling in the water? We’ll soon find out!