There’s a new spot for foodies to visit in the Blue Mountains, hidden in the village of Lawson. We’re trying it all including – a delicious chocolate bar, a pickling and broth-making class set in the historical Lyttenton stores and a delicious dinner in a restaurant you’d swear you’d found in Sydney.

Lyttleton Stores
1 Badgery Crescent, Lawson NSW 2783
Half-day workshop from $80 per person
Open 7 days
Ph: (02)4759 3478
Lyttleton Stores Instagram

Rust & Timber Chocolate Bar
Shop 2, 297 Great Western Highway, Lawson NSW 2783
Open 7 days
Ph: (02) 4759 2470
Rust and Timber Chocolate Bar Instagram

Mesa Barrio
3/9 Staples Crescent, Lawson NSW 2783
Open Thursday- Sunday
Ph: 0416 227 746
Mesa Barrio Facebook

Prices correct as at 4/06/17