Learn how to ‘Foil Board’

Whether you ride a surfboard, wakeboard, windsurfer, or a SUP, Foil boarding – or Foil surfing – is taking the world of watersports to a whole new level! Using the power of a hydrofoil which is attached to the bottom of the board, this is the closest thing to ‘flying’ on water you can get! And once you’ve mastered the art of foil boarding, you can literally hover above the water in a glide-like motion- an incredible sensation that has been described as ‘learning to surf a unicycle’. The only people in Sydney running Foil boarding classes are Balmoral Paddle surf. With its calm bays, Balmoral provides perfect conditions for newbies keen to try out this thrilling new sport.

After a hard days Foil surfing you’ll need a hearty feed. And what better place to do that, than at the Public Dining Room with pride of place right on Balmoral’s beachfront. As you’d expect, the menu is seafood heavy and the cuisine best described as ‘seasonal Australian fare’ with many international influences. This is the perfect spot to while away a lazy weekend lunch, brunch or dinner. And with the ceiling-to-floor glass windows, you’re not short of an ocean view wherever you’re seated.