Ada Nicodemou

Ada has also worked overseas with a role in American TV show Beast Masters and those of you that have seen the movie The Matrix may have caught a glimpse of Ada in her cameo role. As if that’s not enough, Ada also gave it a go on 2010’s Dancing With the Stars, coming home […]

Beck Stevens

Bringing her bubbly self to Sydney Weekender, Beck Stevens’ guest appearances are always welcomed on the show. You’ll find her sharing the screen with husband and Weekender regular Jason Stevens. On her own or teamed up with Jason, Beck makes a great addition to our team.

Candice Dixon

Candice Dixon is an Australian television host/presenter who is thrilled to be part of the Sydney Weekender team.  She has been a host at the Seven Network for the past seven years after graduating university as a journalist.  Candice is always on the lookout for adventure, jumping at any opportunity to travel (yoga mat in […]

Caravanning Tips by Winnebago

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Daniel Gibson

Daniel, in some circles, is known as the Whacky Weatherman. His unique style, warmth and wit have now been enjoyed by us on Sydney Weekender for the last few years. From Jackerooing near Tamworth, motorbike riding in Sydney or drinking donkeys milk in the Hunter Valley we’ve sent Daniel to cover some amazing stories. “I […]

Darren Coggan

Darren is a country boy born and bred. He grew up in his beloved hometown of Wagga Wagga and picked up a love for country music at an early age. He has been awarded two Golden Guitars at the Country Music Awards of Australia and has performed in a number of touring musicals and productions […]

Erica Davis

Erica Davis has been a part of the Sydney Weekender team since 2003, after she was spotted in Seven’s Newsroom. In 2004, she started hosting her own weekly segment on the show – HOTDEALS! Today, she has presented over 600 stories for Sydney Weekender! When she’s not out finding you a HOTDEAL, Erica can be […]

Felicity Urquhart

Originally from Tamworth, Felicity enjoys finding out the best places to eat or visit in Sydney and surrounds. As well as being a Country Music star, she was also the face of the Tourism NSW advertising campaign – the Heart of Country NSW. Felicity is a Golden Guitar winner, received two Mo Awards & three […]

Jack Yabsley

For the last decade, Jack has entertained the kids of Australia through TV shows. You might recognise him from Totally Wild and Saturday Disney. When he’s not presenting on Sydney Weekender Jack hosts Match It – a game show on Chanel Seven. Jack is a true all-rounder. He acts, directs and writes for several TV […]

Jason Stevens

A real gem of the team, Jason Stevens brings his unique reporting style and wit to Sydney Weekender. Jason is a rugby league superstar having played over fourteen seasons and representing both NSW and Australia in the game. Since retiring from league, Jason has become an author of two bestselling books, and been a regular […]

Karen Ledbury

Karen comes to Sydney Weekender with almost 18 years of experience in the television industry and over 6000 hours in live TV. You may recognise her face from The Morning Show on Channel 7 where she has featured as a daily contributor for the past 5 years. Although born and raised in country Queensland, Karen […]

Lizzy Lovette

Lizzy Lovette is an accomplished television presenter, radio announcer and journalist who brings her warmth, quick wit and many years of experience to Channel 7’s Sydney Weekender. Her TV credentials are long and varied and include 7’s Eclipse Music TV, 7’s Famous Presents Hollywood Uncensored, Yahoo 7’s PULSE, 9’s The Music Jungle and a string […]

Mel Symons

This year, Mel celebrates twenty years on Australian television. With a bunch of national credits including Seven’s Saturday Disney and pioneer lifestyle TV show – Ground Force, as well as over a decade of Sydney Weekender stories under her belt, Mel is one of the show’s mainstays. She has travelled throughout NSW for us discovering […]

Mike Whitney

After retiring from international cricket, Mike Whitney first appeared on Sydney Weekender back in 1994, and since then has loved every minute of it. Over the years, Mike has hosted Sydney Weekender from all over New South Wales; from Eden in the south, to Tibooburra in the far north-west of the state. “Would you believe, […]

Peter Wells

Pete has a passion for adventure and travelling. He has visited nomadic desert tribes in the Sahara Desert, ventured through Africa, and in May 2010 climbed to the top of Mt Everest. He has also climbed the 8,201m peak ‘Cho Oyu’ in Tibet. When he is not travelling, mountaineering, or chasing waves in Indonesia, Pete […]

Rosie Jacobs

Rosie has been one of Sydney Weekender’s friendly and familiar faces for the past few years and says of all the roles she has been lucky enough to have in the Aussie media, this one takes the cake! Rosie’s extensive television and radio career has spanned the past ten years, starting with producing roles for […]

Sally Stanton

Sally Stanton comes to Sydney Weekender with a load of television experience. She started her career as a snow reporter at Perisher Ski Resort providing reports to a range of television and radio stations, and while doing this became an avid snowboarder. Sally left the snow to move into the Saturday Disney house and spent […]